Denying self and seeking Him

Happy Friday. This morning I wake with the reality of the battle for control. I have had a weak of being struck with my need for self-discipline in every area of my life. The truth is that I know I want to live a life pursuing holiness, yet the battle exists to deny what I know is true and give into laziness, self-indulgence, self-protectiveness, etc. And in light of temptation, the Holy Spirit shows up and shows out in seeing me through, granting victory and has not left me once. Nor have your prayers. Money, health, time with our Saviour, physical temptations, attitudes and thoughts, I am very aware, as an answer to prayer, that I can sin my selfishness, pride and arrogance surface. I am asking the Lord to reveal my sin that I may be changed. Sitting in the verses of the fruit of the Spirit as a confession as well as a petition and seeking the beatitudes as my desire is to engage the Holy Spirit to transform me from the inside out that I would reflect the nature in Christ. Not something manufactured by my efforts but my submission to Him. I am learning more how when I am operating out of my perception and strength, the rise of fear of failure and rejection influence my thoughts and attitudes. Jesus’ example of emptying Himself and living fully is the path I choose. It’s just amazing to continue to see the paradox for my flesh as it is still convinced that it must fill myself up knowing that the result is emptiness. I hold fast to the truth that I cannot follow Jesus and remain the same. Praise the Lord!!! May He change my priorities, my passions, my direction, my desires, my actions and my values. I don’t want to settle for a man-made imitation when I can experience the real thing. Holy Spirit come and fill us this day with a fresh anointing of our Spirit that we may hear Your voice and respond as You lead. We Your servants are listening. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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