Came across this while reading

Every act of repentance depends on an act of redemption. To redeem means “to liberate by payment or to release from debt or blame.”4 Willpower, no matter how sincere, cannot buy you this freedom. There is no dealing with any sin without a redemptive act.

Lynch, John; McNicol, Bruce; Thrall, Bill (2011-06-22). TrueFaced Experience Edition (Kindle Locations 1158-1159). Truefaced. Kindle Edition.

Continuing to learn to live out trusting God in who He says I am.  It is not by my strength that I can sin less and become a better person.  Left to my own devices, I continue to guide myself to a cycle of defeat and anxiety.  Receiving His grace and humbling myself to the fact I need His help, He willingly changes me into the person I want to be.  Humility and grace are precious gifts that open the door of my heart to repend and be changed.

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