Genesis 22

As I read through this account of Abraham and God’s relationship with him I was struck by humility and trust Abraham demonstrated.  It is the opposite of how Eve responded to the serpent.  Eve self-protected, trusted in her own instincts and took ownership of something that was not in her best interest.  Instead of trusting, she wanted to believe she knew better.  Abraham was given a task that would crush his dreams, deprive him of his hope and love in this world.  He would be stripped and not only that but live with the knowledge that it was his hand that performed it.  Yet, in the entire account, we only see a willing child of God being obedient to every detail with nothing but trust like everything made perfect sense.  Of course this is what life should look like, Abraham must of thought.

This account is the first time we see the words love, worship and obey.  Looking at the context they are used in for the first time, I believe give insight into the meanings God has for them.  As I have asked God to teach me about his meaning of the words obedience and worship, I have also discovered a new taste of submission.  It is in the act of leaving everything at the altar that we can truly enter a place of worship.  What does it mean to leave something in God’s hand?  Just as Abraham bound his one and only son whom he loved, we must bound up in a way that which we hold dear whether that is a person, a dream, or anything that may be a gift in this life, are we willing to leave it in God’s hands.  The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.  It’s easy when we are feeling good.  And it’s sometimes easy when everything seems out of control.  But what about that which lies in the middle.  We want to be a good steward of a gift, yet we cross that line of responsibility to ownership that takes control.  It’s so easy to think we can control.  The word itself is deceitful.  I feel like the only control I have is what I have surrendered to God’s control.  I will have to think more on this concept of control.  But back to Abraham…regardless of what he may have thought the end picture would be, he never stopped God from being God in his life over every detail.  As I enter this season, my desire for a more intimate relationship with my Savior, to be a true worshiper of spirit and truth, I am seeing the need for submission of all I hold dear.  God, You are a good God that has my best interest in mind.  You do not withhold any good thing from those that love you.  Increase our faith that we may take Abraham’s example and be inspired to obey all that you have asked.  We acknowledge You are our God.

What do you think?

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