“Emotions are not bad, they are information.”  This quote became helpful as I learned to grieve and understand how certain emotions enter a day without notice or invitation.  In a conversation I had this week I said, “Emotions are information, they are not our authority.”  I think the Spirit is trying to teach me something 🙂  I don’t believe we were created to train ourselves to be numb and “just trust God.”  I do believe we are to trust God and not let our emotions rob us of our faith, joy and love.  As I’ve pondered over this today, emotions clue me into an area where I need to grow in trusting God’s sovereignty.  I can acknowledge pain, injustice, sorrow, happiness, etc.  When my emotions get triggered, how do I respond?  It seems more comfortable to sit in bitterness and anger because then I can feel justified.  It seems more appealing to consider my own perspective, needs and opinions before another because I can feel superior and important…worthy.  Yet where do I define my worth and justification?  Is it not in the cross of Jesus Christ?  Is my reputation built on the characteristics of this world or the next?  When I can surrender my emotions to faith in God, I can hear Him more clearly, I can experience His peace and I can renew my mind in His truth.

Lord teach me how to engage my emotions so that they would point me in the direction of deeper stronger faith in who You say are.

What do you think?

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