That’s right, grab a fresh cup of coffee and let’s journey together!  Life is just not meant to be lived alone.  I’m so thankful to share and experience the ups and downs of this ride with you.  Let’s interact, be real and see God show up.  To help you navigate, here is a snapshot of each page…

Reflections –  random thoughts.  could be a response from my reading of the Bible, a review of a book I have recently read, a song I want I am enjoying, or just sharing what I am learning as I engage the day

Prayer – an opportunity for you to share requests

Ministry Updates – many of you have been a part of my ministry team through prayer, encouragement, and financial giving.  Here is an opportunity to stay in tune with what is going on each month.  

Connect – want to get in touch with me?  Send me an email and I’ll respond!

Looking forward to the adventure of today!